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Tamimi Markets

Project Description

Recognising the rapidly changing industries and technology in the KSA, Tamimi Solutions is helping businesses keep pace with fluctuating markets and events, while tackling the recent challenges like COVID-19 pandemic. We are recognized as the most reputed and exclusive post-covid sanitization service provider as well as supplier of fresh produce, safety products, food items and facilities to the businesses in Tamimi Markets. With our exclusive supply of high-quality products and services, we help businesses provide a safe and comfortable in-market experience to their customers. We help investors and businesses make the most of the promising opportunities in the KSA by successfully meeting their clients’ evolving needs and being a leader in innovation even in challenging times. First Target Pest Control Services offers professional sanitisation, generic as well as specialised pest control service. With more than 30 years of experience in the field, we ensure that your facility requirements are fulfilled exceeding the standards as well as complying with rules and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and more.

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