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    Freshest fruits and vegetables wholesale and distribution across locations

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Tamimi Solutions – enriching the future!

Based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, combining the power of our experience and network built over more than 40 years of delivering successful projects, Tamimi Solutions has fostered its people-first approach to become a truly diverse customer-centric entity.

We harness a solid heritage of entrepreneurship and rich culture to always add value to the overall customer experience. We enrich the future of multiple industries that we work with across Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, South Asia,& Gulf countries, and other regions of the world. Revolving around our "global connectivity" mission, Tamimi Solutions has risen as a leading GCC player in food supply (distribution and wholesale) and services, multi-industry Project Management, Technology, Pest Control & Material Supply.

We inspire the world!

With over 40 years of experience and expertise on board, today Tamimi Solutions is helping industries and people in all corners of the world meet their needs, enhance their capabilities and bolster aspirations. We connect with many lives beyond geographical boundaries.


We are a global family

Tamimi Solutions is more than a business. It’s a priceless asset with family values that we have inherited from our forefathers, where all employees and partners, scattered in more than 15 countries across the globe, are strongly connected and work as a team. This core value encourages our engaging and supportive workforce to work towards achieving excellence with integrity, hard work, and dedication in whatever we do.


Business Beyond Boundaries!

As one of the most progressive companies based in KSA, Tamimi Solutions is fully committed to enriching the lives of communities in KSA, especially, as well as all our customers spread across the world, by offering them world-class B2B services, solutions, customer service, and post-sales/mobilization support.

From supply of fresh food products through our global network, characterized by seamless distribution, uninterrupted service, quality control, and cost-saving, to multi-industry project management like construction, to cutting edge IT, Tech and custom M2M Solutions, to highly required pest control services and diverse material supply, you will find Tamimi Solutions as your reliable business partner, supporting you at all stages.

Explore a range of industries that we deal in to provide top-notch customized services and solutions, adding high value for our customers!


Cross industry and cross continental

Whether you are new to a location or new to the industry, our business consultants will take care of it all. Furthermore, we bring with our hands-on experience in IT and Technology, Food Supply and Service, Project Management, Materials, Construction, and Pest Control. This cross-industry experience has enabled us to not just deliver excellent products and services but also have the deep down and essential knowledge of standards, rules and regulations, and go-to strategies.


Why Choose Us?

Every aspect of our organization is driven by you, our customer. We are not just a product supplier or a service provider, we are a part of your team. We do what we do best so that you do what you do best. Some of the further qualities that make us unique are

  • Global partner network
  • Stringent quality control
  • Fluid distribution network
  • Amazing customer support
  • Awesome team
  • Super awesome web designer (Joking)
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About Us


Excelling in “excellence” – Tamimi Solutions prides itself on its more than 40-year experience of in delivering successful projects.


Still, a long way to go!

Established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its network spanning across Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, Gulf countries, and other regions of the world, Tamimi Solutions enjoys both the local KSA values and global standards in its modus operandi. We are one of the most progressive regional businesses in the KSA, recognized both locally and internationally for providing exclusive services and solutions to the food industry, multi-industry project management, technology sector, pest control & material supply markets.


Diversity is our portfolio!

As a diversified multi-industry organization, we are committed to bringing a great reputation and adding quality to hundreds of products as well as services, and eventually, adding the high value to end customers. Our employees are dedicated to helping businesses make the right choices – no matter the requirements or location and in our sectors, as varied as wholesale and distribution of food products, technology, construction, manufacturing, pest control, facility management, material supply, as well as outsourcing. We celebrate diversity by using our know-how across industries and designing solutions that are tailored to your needs.


We are dynamic & customer-centric!

At Tamimi Solutions, we don’t believe in staying still. We continuously enhance people’s experiences. That’s the reason, you will find us in over 15 countries- from our home in KSA, South Asia, and the United Kingdom, to the Gulf countries and other regions of the world.

Through our customer-centric approach and continuous pursuit of excellence, we add significant value – connecting people in different markets with brands in powerful, contemporary as well as emotionally charged and meaningful ways that create a long-lasting bond based on mutual trust and loyalty.


Whatever we do, we do it best!

Our dedicated, professional and highly experienced teams are always up to date with the changes in rules and regulations as well as standards for each industry and keep themselves ready in advance to provide the most effective, relevant and personalized solutions to clients.

Our decades-long experience lets us embrace and cultivate new, forward-thinking and effective business practices and flawlessly blend those into our company DNA and people-first philosophy whilst preserving the value of integrity and the spirit of collaboration. This enables us to bring our best to the table and nothing else.



Our vision

To be a market leader by providing unmatched quality services to multiple industries and add high value not only to our customers' business but to the end customers, our partners, and the communities where we operate.

Our mission

To diversify, upgrade and enhance the quality of services provided to the food industry, multi-industry project management, technology sector, pest control & material supply markets, along with connected industries, characterized by continuous improvement in quality, efficiency, and innovation.

Our global presence

Tamimi Solutions operates in more than 15 countries, enriching and enhancing the lives of hundreds of businesses and their customers every day. From our home in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we pride in our corporate family spread across the United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, the Gulf countries, and other regions of the world.

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Address : Nada District-Othman Bin Affan 7198- Road no. 14,
Opposite Gate 4 of Imam Saud University, Riyadh 13317- 4415
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